Summertime Fun at Zoo Miami

Summertime is now upon us and many are looking for new, fun things to do with their families.   We are very excited about a visit to Zoo Miami this summer because it is the home of a series of great animal exhibits and activities that are sure to be very exciting for the whole family!

Zoo Miami has just introduced one of their newest additions  – a female black rhinoceros named “Aria”! She is the 13th successful birth at Zoo Miami for this very highly endangered species. The African Black Rhino is also one of the species you can adopt at Zoo Miami!rhino2 rhino

In addition, lioness “Kashifa’s”  five cubs are now on exhibit: “Saba,” “Bantu,” “Asani,” “Amirah,” and the adopted male, “Kwasi,” son of Kashifa’s late sister, “Asha”.

lion pride 2lionpride1

Check out the Creatures of Habitat Exhibit – a gazillion-piece animal adventure” all made

legozoomiamiof LEGO® bricks.  Zoo Miami will be presenting this most exciting, educational, and fun exhibit until June 22, 2014, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. daily, at Dr. Wilde’s World (DWW), so hurry there to catch it!  The exhibit will be displayed both in DWW’s air-conditioned museum space as well as on its outdoor plaza.  The Creatures of Habitat, a popular exhibit made up of LEGO® bricks, comes to Zoo Miami from the Philadelphia Zoo, where it captured a wide audience.  The purpose of this exhibit is multifaceted:  to educate visitors on the potential extinction of various animal species and habitats; to inspire them to protect our planet; to teach them how our behaviors and actions contribute to the destruction of these animals and their habitats; and how we can change our lives to ensure and promote our planet, animal species, and habitat conservation.

giraffesDid you know that this Saturday, June 21st, is World Giraffe Day?  Be sure to take the kids out to Feed the Giraffes at the SAMBURU GIRAFFE FEEDING STATION.   Have you ever been face to face with a giraffe? Since these famously tall creatures stand at about 16-20 feet tall, most people would only be able to compare to one of its legs in height. At Zoo Miami, you can get up close and personal with Titan, Kita, Fezzick, and the rest of your favorite giraffes at the Samburu Giraffe Feeding Station. At this interactive exhibit, guests can walk up a custom built ramp that leads to an elevated platform overlooking the African Plains exhibit. Every day from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can purchase delicious green veggies like lettuce or collard greens to feed to these giant creatures for only $3! You will get to check out their spots up close and look into their eyes as they come right up to you and extend their 14-inch long tongues to gently scoop the treats right out of your hand.

There is no shortage of great, fun things to do with the family this Summer and Zoo Miami is one of the best ways to do just that.  For more information on what’s happening at Zoo Miami, visit their website.



Parkland, FL – All ‘A’s!!!

Have you heard the latest news?

Parkland Schools Receive A Rating

According to the most recent FCAT ratings, the elementary and middle schools located in Parkland have received an A Rating. This means that Heron Heights Elementary School, Riverglades Elementary School, Park Trails Elementary School and Westglades Middle School have all earned the highest grade of ‘A’ from the Florida Department of Education in the 2010/11 school accountability results under the state’s A+ Plan.

School grade calculations are based on student performance as measured by the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) in reading, mathematics, science and writing.

This honor is just another example of how why Parkland is such a great place to live and how  important Parkland holds its children’s future. The A grades are even more important since they follow Forbes Magazine’s designation of the City of Parkland as the no. 1 Top Education Town where the median home price falls between $400k – $600k.

A huge shout out to to all our educators and school volunteers!

Parkland Real Estate All Summer Long…

The summer real estate cycle is heating up

Alice Cooper summed up real estate’s yearly seasonal shift with just four words: “Schools out for summer!” His hit song rings true each year as the kids pack up their bags, say goodbye to their friends and put their summer gear on.

For parents getting ready to make a move to another suburb, city, or state, it means the “For Sale” signs go up and the hunt starts for the next home. Not surprisingly, 60% of all moves in America take place in the summer. It’s a seasonal shift that has been around as long as school has been in. Here are some points to consider when buying or selling your home during the summer months.


The nicer weather brings buyers out of hibernation and into your spring-cleaned home. As a seller, know that the summer cycle typically causes an increase in inventory creating more competition in the market. It’s likely though, that more people will be looking at your house, making it easier to negotiate on price. Buyers who want to move in before the new school year starts may forego any unnecessary haggling for a move that fits within their time frame.

On the other hand, don’t be too optimistic about price – the market today is still facing rough waters – and a higher price, not to mention more options, will probably put you at the low end of the buying list. This could leave you waiting for a buyer on into the winter months, when homes typically sell for less. And if you’re one of the many who are selling and buying all before school starts, pricing your home correctly so that it sells quickly is crucial.


Buying during the summer months, as we know, has it plusses: it’s an excellent time to pack the kids up and relocate while school’s out and the weather is nice, there’s more inventory on the market and you can use your income tax return toward your down payment.

If it’s in the cards for you, there could be some benefits to waiting – late summer opens up a window of leverage for buyers who are working with slow moving family homes. Ultimately the family wants to move quickly before school starts (maybe you do too) which means getting to the table fast could cut down on time spent haggling over price. Buyers remember: it takes time to close on a home, so start looking in the spring months when more “For Sale” signs start to peek up out of the ground.

There are many important issues that come into play when deciding to buy or sell your home. As a real estate agent it’s my job to provide expertise on the unique shifts and help you either sell your current home or find one that fits your family’s needs. If you’re looking to move out-of-state, I have an excellent network of agents I hold within high regard who will take great care of you and your family while you search for a home. Give me a call or send me an email anytime.