Preparing Your Parkland Home For Sale? Best DIY Projects To Add Value to Your Home…

Parkland’s Real Estate continues to thrive, despite a down market.   Your home will face strong competition from similar homes listed for sale, so you really want to ensure that yours’ stands out in the crowd.

Some of us lack the energy, patience and desire to commit to major home improvements, not to mention the know-how, skill and budget.  Yet, there are plenty of small-scale projects that offer big returns that can easily be accomplished in one short weekend, with relatively low expense.

The key is to give particular notice to details in your home.

Dated light fixtures, for example, are a cheap fix. When you walk into a foyer, you notice the front light fixture.  The same goes for the Dining Room Light Fixture.  Update your home’s appeal with current pieces that light up your home’s best features and accents.

Bathroom and kitchen updates are traditionally the top places to invest in a makeover that pays off.

Go from ‘Blah’ to ‘Wow’ in  your kitchen instantly by changing the hardware, like the knobs and pulls on your kitchen drawers and cabinets.  That instantly updates a room. You can buy a box of 30 knobs that comes with a template at your local hardware store – current knobs and pulls add a great  finishing touch to your kitchen.

In a bathroom, an older vanity can be stripped and refinished with some guidance from an expert at a paint store.

We have seen beautiful results with repainting cabinets.  By painting a vanity black and adding brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze hardware, the cabinetry goes from looking plain-jane, circa 1990 to modern and updated.  It’s a huge face-lift.  We recommend using a good-quality paint and spending time in prepping the material.

A simpler suggestion is to replace old towel racks or get rid of old brass doorknobs.  Even if the hinges are a darker bronze finish, new doorknobs make a big difference in some homes.  Update the taps and faucets for a more complete look.

A more complicated task involves replacing the standard, builder-grade baseboards with upgraded floor molding – it requires being able to miter the corners of the baseboard or use a standard corner block to fill the gap.  Your local hardware store may even offer lessons on the weekends.

Before putting your home on the market, use the weekend to give it a thorough cleaning. Pay particular attention to floors, doors, grout and windows.  Buyers are more likely to settle on a home with a few features they don’t totally love if they can picture themselves living with it for a while, as opposed to something they foresee as needing to be immediately replaced.

So make sure your floors are spotless and clean the grout between the tiles so that the grout blends in beautifully.   Clean all doors throughout the house and ensure that your windows and mirrors sparkle so that they let in as much light as possible.  You want your home to show as being move-in ready with little or nothing to fix or replace!

Spend some time cleaning up the garden and planting a few beds of colorful flowers.  Add fresh mulch to freshen up the beds.  Set a beautiful potted plant, like Bougainvillea by the front door to add warmth and appeal.  Pressure wash your home, walkways and roof so that the house shows at its best.  You really never get another chance to make that first impression, remember?
Light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, paint and thorough cleaning are the top  things just about anyone can do or have a friend help them do in a short time-frame with a little effort – these projects require minimal expense but offer huge rewards.

So whether you’re a novice ‘handyman/woman’ or have loads of  experience, there’s a way to feel the pride of fixing or beautifying your home – and doing it all by yourself.

If you’d like more information on preparing your home for sale, let us know!  Leave a comment below or shoot us an email at


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